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‘Marvel’s Avengers’ fans excited as ‘Marvel Heroes’ developer joins Crystal Dynamics

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Great news for Avengers fans this week, as developer EA Sports / Marvel Heroes Brian Wagoner took to Twitter to announce that he will be joining Crystal Dynamics to work on the game.

Wagoner has tweeted a lot about his decision to join Crystal Dynamics, and it seemed to give fans hope that CD was extremely open to dealing with the game’s current issues.

Here’s Wagoner about his experience deciding to work with Crystal Dynamics:

“Well, the time is right. I can finally announce that at the end of next month, I will be leaving @EASPORTS and joining @CrystalDynamics as a System Designer on @PlayAvengers. help create new systems and features for the game! ”

“After what happened at Gazillion, I was never sure I wanted to work on another Marvel game again. Talking to the Crystal team, seeing their passion for making a game that fans love and knowing the potential of the product were all big factors for me in my choice…. One of the things that convinced me to take the job was the leadership from Crystal Dynamics who told me to give them honest feedback on the game and its issues and told me that there is no had no ego in the room. I did and they were very receptive to my suggestions.

Wagoner refers to the rather abrupt shutdown of Marvel Heroes developer Gazillion, which included the death of the game and the dismissal of all employees without pay after Thanksgiving in 2017. No wonder he’s skeptical of working. on another Marvel game after that.

But many fans have fond memories of Marvel Heroes and its work before all of this, and are hopeful that Wagoner can bring something special to the current Avengers game. From the outside, a hire like him implies that yes, Crystal Dynamics will indeed be releasing content after the Wakanda expansion later this year, because given the development time so much of what Wagoner brings to the table. probably wouldn’t even do it. be able to be implemented until then. We will see.

Wagoner also tweeted on Twitter about how his favorite character is War Machine, but he says not to read too much. War machine possesses There are rumors that he will be coming to Avengers in a while, but at the current rate of character releases, almost certainly not this year. Wagoner also says he doesn’t appreciate the tale of he’s coming to “save” the Avengers as he says Crystal Dynamics already has a passionate and hard-working team (despite all of my issues with the game, I will say my interactions with them le strengthen).

What are the Avengers Who Suffering that Wagoner can help you solve? If it’s a systems designer, this could encompass a number of things, but a few key issues:

  • Farming for material without any cosmetic components doesn’t feel good in this genre.
  • The gratifying “day-to-day,” “week-to-week” grind found in other live service looters is almost nonexistent between character releases.
  • Endgame content is currently non-existent in Avengers with eternally delayed Omega threats, and things like the Mega Hive are too long and boring to be fun to consistently farm.
  • The diversity of activities is limited by a small range of enemy and boss types.
  • The whole gear core power up to the ceiling of 150 is generally not pleasant.

It’s right next to my head. Either way, I can’t wait to see what Wagoner does on Avengers, and as long as they keep working on it, I’ll continue to give it a shot when there is new content to play.

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