Mitch McConnell Encourages Senate Republicans to Support Bill Blocking Trump’s 2024 Coup


Senate Leader Mitch McConnell may get rid of Trump once and for all as he encourages his caucus to make a deal on reforming the Electoral Count Act.

According to Politico:

McConnell has encouraged its members to make a deal with Democrats and is leaning towards backing the effort, according to senators from both parties.

Senators involved in pushing for changes to the election process say McConnell’s kept his distance while advocating for the bill to be as narrow as possible. But he also had a senior aide analyze the group and put them in touch with at least one constitutional scholar to help them draft the bill, according to Maine Sen. Susan Collins, the main Republican sponsor.

In other words, McConnell doesn’t want this bill to become a problem that could hurt GOP Senate candidates in less than two months, but he’s doing enough to signal that he’s slamming the door to another potential Trump coup. in 2024.

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Donald Trump’s decision to argue endlessly with the Senate minority leader will continue to haunt him. McConnell and Trump hate each other and the Kentucky senator has made it clear that he wants Trump out of the party.

The Senate bill will differ from the House’s proposed legislation, but substantively they must agree on the main point of cutting off the roads Trump used to steal the 2020 election.

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In the House, Kevin McCarthy has gone full MAGA against the legislation, but in the Senate, Mitch McConnell sees his chance to potentially prevent Trump from returning to the White House.


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