National song insulted at UP city council meeting as women in burkas sit while song plays


Interestingly, Union Livestock, Dairy and Fisheries Minister Sanjeev Balyan was also present at the meeting.

In Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh, some councilors have been accused of insulting the national song – Vande Mataram – during a council meeting.

A viral video doing the rounds shows Vande Mataram singing at the meeting in which four burqa-clad women remained seated while all the other members stood to respect the national song.

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Interestingly, the Union Minister of Animal Husbandry, Dairy Products and Fisheries, Sanjeev Balyan, was also present at the meeting.

The meeting, which was held on Saturday, June 18, was also attended by Kapil Dev Agarwal, Minister for Vocational Education and Skills Development, Government of Uttar Pradesh.

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House members and netizens were unhappy with the act and social media trolls attacked the women, giving it a religious angle.

It should be noted that a case regarding granting the same status to the national song as that of this national anthem is pending before the court. During the last week of May 2022, the Delhi High Court also sought the opinion of the central government in this regard.

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