Netflix to release documentary on QuadrigaCX CEO’s mysterious life and death


The online streaming platform and production company Netflix will produce a film about the founder of the deceased crypto exchange, Gerald Cotten, of QuadrigaCX.

In a September 23 tweet from Netflix, the platform announcement Trust No One: Hunt for the King of Crypto The documentary will premiere in 2022. The story, which follows “a group of investors turned detectives”, will focus on the events surrounding the death of Cotten, who is said to have died while volunteering at an orphanage in India and leaving QuadrigaCX users out of pocket for around $ 190 million in crypto.

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Details are scarce regarding the cast or the direction the documentary is taking, but the trailer hints at plastic surgery and avoidance of authorities on a yacht. Netflix has become well known around the world for producing documentaries revealing disturbing tales of controversial figures such as Michael Jackson and singer R. Kelly.

Cotten died in December 2018 from complications from Crohn’s disease. At the time, he was the only person with access to millions of crypto from over 100,000 users with wallets on the QuadrigaCX exchange. This has led many in the crypto space to initially suspect Cotten of faking his death and running away with the funds, but there has never been any evidence to suggest it. A subsequent investigation revealed that Panama-based payment processor Crypto Capital may have control over many funds.

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After Cotten passed away, QuadrigaCX trustee Ernst & Young began selling other assets from the founder’s estate, raising around $ 30 million in November. However, the company said it received 17,053 claims from QuadrigaCX users for a total of more than $ 170 million.

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The crypto space has had its share of controversial and charismatic figures in the 12 years since the technology was introduced. This year, computer programmer and crypto evangelist John McAfee died in his prison cell in Spain following a court ruling that he could have been extradited to the United States on charges including for failing to submit tax returns from 2014 to 2018 and allegedly failing to report income related to pushing crypto projects and consultancy work.

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