NHS Pay: Government accepts recommendation and grants 3pc increase


NHS staff, including nurses and hospital consultants in England, will receive a 3% pay rise after the government accepts recommendations from the independent pay review body.

The increase is well above the 1 percent recommended by the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs – but well below the demands of the unions.

Health chiefs said it was important the deal was “fully funded” by the government – saying they were waiting for the fine print of the plans announced last night.

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Officials said the pay increase would mean an additional £ 1,000 per year for the average nurse and an annual increase of £ 540 for porters and cleaners.

The salary increase will be backdated to April 2021, with the 3% also covering dentists, paramedics and salaried general practitioners.

The Royal College of Nursing said the announcement was “chaotic” and would not keep pace with inflation. The union had called for a 12.5 percent increase.

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Health Secretary Sajid Javid said: “NHS staff are rightly receiving a pay rise this year despite the broader public sector pay hiatus, in recognition of their extraordinary efforts. We have asked the bodies Independent salary reviewers their recommendations and I am happy to accept them in their entirety, with a 3 percent salary increase for all staff involved, from doctors and nurses to paramedics and porters.

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“We will support the NHS as we focus our efforts on exiting this pandemic and tackling the backlog of other health issues that have built up.

“I will continue to do whatever I can to support all of those in our health department who work tirelessly to care for patients. “

The announcement was finally made on Wednesday evening, when it was expected in Parliament earlier.



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