Nicki Minaj’s swipe at Grammys for song category change draws Latto into Twitter feud


Nicki Minaj snapped photos at the Recording Academy and “Big Energy” singer Latto on Twitter. (Evan Agostini/Invision/UK Time News)

Nicki Minaj fights again with fellow artist on Twitter. This time, the “Anaconda” rapper goes back and forth with “Big Energy” musician Latto.

The exchange on Twitter began with Minaj responding late Thursday to the Recording Academy’s decision to challenge her intentions to submit the hit song “Super Freaky Girl” for rap nominations at the 2023 Grammys. The Recording Academy’s rap committee decided that the song should instead compete for a nomination for a solo performance, despite her song having topped the Billboard Hot Rap Songs chart since it dropped in August.

Minaj didn’t expect the spindle to pop. At the Grammy Awards, a majority of Minaj’s nominations were in rap categories, from her first nod in 2011 for Ludacris collaboration “My Chick Bad” to her nomination for a 2016 rap album for “The Pinkprint”.

“They keep moving the goalposts when it comes to me… so they can elevate the people they want to shine,” she said in a 16-minute video posted to Instagram on Thursday.

While speaking out about the Grammys decision on Instagram, Minaj intervened on Latto’s hit “Big Energy,” suggesting it should also be moved into the same category as “Super Freaky Girl.”

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“If you can’t see it by now, there’s a concerted effort to give newer artists things that they really don’t deserve, over people who have been earning it for many years,” Minaj continued.

Minaj then expressed concern about the Grammys’ voting process, when voters may have to decide whether to choose between her and Harry Styles or Adele, both of whom took home the pop Grammys. She later echoed her grievances on Twitter, still mentioning Latto.

“I have no chance of being taken out of the RAP category as long as we are ALL treated FAIRLY,” Minaj tweeted Thursday night. “If [“Super Freaky Girl”] if 2B has moved out of RAP, Big Energy will too!”

Like clockwork, Minaj’s devoted fans backed her tweet and pulled out the receipts from Latto who appeared to be calling “Big Energy” a pop song. “Yikes,” Minaj responded to a fan’s tweet. The rapper then noted that her 2015 record “Anaconda”, similar to “Super Freaky Girl”, was nominated for the rap song Grammy in 2016.

Minaj continued, tweet that the pivot of the Grammys “is no different from a 9-5 where you have to stand up for yourself when you know you are a great employee and continue to be intentionally sabotaged.”

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After seeing Minaj’s not-so-subtle nod, Latto . tweeted “I can’t even celebrate all these awards/noms,” and started shooting back at the musician. Latto said she had previously contacted Minaj . via text message taking their feud on Twitter. She said she agrees with Minaj’s points about fairness, but added, “the way you’re handling it seems malicious.”

Latto said Thursday wasn’t the first time she’d avoided “subtweets” from the “Super Bass” rapper and called Minaj a “bully.” As Thursday night progressed, Latto shared her collection of screenshots from Minaj fans who seem to be criticized by Minaj for even calling the singer “Big Energy”.

Commenting on a tweet from Minaj since deleted, Latto said the rap veteran was “my dream collab.”

“Like I told you, I looked up to you… you still never answered my question about where the random shade comes from,” latto tweetedsharing screenshots of a private conversation she had with Minaj.

On Thursday night, Latto said the tweets between her and Minaj were no longer “ONLY a Grammy category,” but instead about the tension between her and Minaj, who reportedly said she doesn’t “bloom” and no one cares about her “song”.

Latto tweeted late into the night, bringing up Minaj’s marriage to Kenneth Petty (who was convicted of attempted rape in 1995) and recordings of a heated telephone conversation with the rapper.

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Days before the Grammys-induced conflict between the two rappers, Latto told The Times that she believes women in rap are in the spotlight.

“I feel like later, years from now, we’re going to look at this time for female rap and say, ‘Wow, this was like a special moment. We all have different styles, we all look different, we all come from different cities and we all thrive at the same time.’”

Minaj is known for speaking out. In September, she filed a $75,000 defamation lawsuit against gossip blogger “Nosey Heaux” for her comments about Minaj and her family. Minaj claimed that Marley Green, the personality behind “Nosey Heaux”, claimed the rapper was “pushing all this cocaine up her nose” and making rude comments about her 1-year-old son.

Minaj claimed in the lawsuit and on Twitter that Green is working for another female rapper with the intention of boosting that unknown rapper’s career.

“Let’s hope the people you all do this dirty work because they love you enough to hire top-notch lawyers for you and pay your bills once I get your blogs, your shows, those IG pages you all have tried so badly to protect” Minaj tweeted. “Associate artists in the folder as well. I will own your publication. Dudes.”

This story originally appeared in the Los Angeles Times.


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