Ninjas in pajamas compete in ‘Rocket League’ Championship Series


Ninjas In Pajamas (NIP) is the latest esports organization to enter the professional Rocket League landscape with the signing of Brazilian players AZTROMICK, Bemmz and CAiOTG1, who will compete in the South American (SAM) region of the Rocket League Championship Series.

Founded in 2000, the Swedish organization is a mainstay of the top professionals counterattack, and best known for dominating the early years of CS:GO. Ninjas in Pajamas fields currently also one FIFA pro and a successful all-Brazilian Rainbow Six: Siege schedule.

Although the organization itself is Swedish, their new one Rocket League roster represents a further commitment to passionate Brazilian esports fans. Ninjas in pajamas COO Jonas Gundersen, who certainly feels the support behind them Siege team, even mention Brazil specifically in a statement: “Our presence in Brazil makes this team a perfect fit, and it feels great to showcase the NIP brand Rocket League fans.”

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The team’s cinematic announcement video aims to get the country behind it Rocket League as a game that “unites the two greatest passions of the Brazilian people”, referring to car racing and football. CS:GO is already a hugely popular esport in Brazil, and NIP’s strong brand may have enough weight to draw fans to it Rocket League.

Calling on Brazilian legends like Pelé and Ayrton Senna in a team announcement video is audacious, but the roster of AZTROMICK, Bemmz and CAiOTG1 is an ambitious trio that has already made noise in the Rocket League world on their previous teams.

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AZTROMICK and Bemmz come from The Club, who won all three Fall South American Regionals and completed a 17-game winning streak while smothering their opponents with a full-court press so relentless that RLCS caster Gregan called them the “fastest team”. in the world”. RocketLeague.” However, the duo will surely miss their former teammate Lostt, whose supernatural ability to predict opponents’ next touch fueled many of the team’s scoring opportunities.

Rocket League veteran CAiOTG1 joins the duo from Furia after a season of mediocre results in the North American region, but previously dominated the SAM region with the same squad. CaioTG1 has been playing in the RLCS since SAM’s inclusion, and his vast experience will complement the aggression and mechanical prowess of his new teammates. The NIP roster has little time to get used to playing together, as their first test is the South American Winter Open, which begins January 27.

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It’s encouraging to see such a legendary esports organization investing in it Rocket League, but the real test will be to see how long they stick around. Massive organizations have come and gone from the RLCS before, including Cloud9, mousesports, and FNATIC. No lack of Brazilian Rocket League talent or passionate fans, Ninjas in Pajamas are ready to challenge for SAM’s top spot in the coming seasons.



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