Nora Fatehi says Sukesh Chandrashekhar sought “improper favours” from her: “Promised big house, luxury lifestyle if…”


Nora Fatehi has opened up in her statement to the court about her equating herself with con artist Sukesh Chandrashekhar who is under trial. The actress has been questioned several times in connection with a Rs 200 crore extortion case linked to Chandrashekhar. In her testimony, Fatehi claimed that the alleged scammer was seeking improper favors from her. Earlier, Jacqueline Fernandez, also a co-defendant, had also testified.

Nora Fatehi took her statement in court at Patiala House in Delhi on Tuesday. She claimed that Chandrashekhar’s close assistant Pinky Irani contacted her cousin and stated that he was interested in her. In her statement, Fatehi alleged that Chandrashekhar “seeked improper favor from her,” according to a report by India Today.

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In her statement, Fatehi said Chandrashekhar “promised her a big house and a luxurious lifestyle if she agreed to become his girlfriend.” She added, “At first I didn’t know who Sukesh was. Later I thought he worked at a company called LS Corporation. I have had no personal contact and have never had any conversations with him.”

Fatehi said she was told that Jacqueline Fernandez was waiting for Chandrashekhar’s “offer” but that he was more interested in Fatehi. “I had no idea about this and I never met him. The only time I saw him was when the ED (Enforcement Directorate) confronted me at his office with him,” the actress said in her statement.

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Earlier in the day, Jacqueline Fernandez had testified and said that Chandrashekhar ruined her career and livelihood with his untruths. Jacqueline said Sukesh Chandrashekhar played with her “emotions” and made her “life hell”.

Chandrashekhar allegedly extorted money from politicians, celebrities and businessmen. He cheated former Ranbaxy pharmaceutical company owner Shivinder Mohan Singh’s wife Aditi Singh out of Rs 200 crore. Chandrashekhar had sent super expensive gifts to Jacqueline while also booking a charter flight for her from Mumbai to Chennai during his bail period. In a separate but linked case, Nora Fatehi sued Jacqueline Fernandez for defamation for dragging her name into the money laundering case.

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