Objections to Alan Turing statue being erected at Cambridge University


In favor of the statue, it has been argued that there has recently been interest in Turing’s work to break the code during wartime and persecution for his homosexuality – which has led to a series of feature films such as the Imitation Games – and that he is an important alumnus of the king. .

King’s Provost, Michael Proctor, said: “It was in the tolerant, open-minded and intellectual environment of the College that Turing was able to live a fulfilled life, both as a gay man and abstract thinker, and we are immensely proud to recognize the importance of his unparalleled contribution to science and modern computer science in this way.”

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The sculpture will be erected out of public view on King’s Parade, and visitors will have to pay to enter the college and see the artwork, described in council documents as an “abstract metal figure”.



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