‘Outriders’ patch brings massive player upgrades and free legendary giveaways


Well, after more than two months, Outriders answered the call of gamers wanting to see underused skills improved, instead of just nerfing overpowered versions. Today the game has rolled out an elaborate patch which means upgrading some player skills significantly to create more build diversity. This means more damage, but it also means more survivability, as some of these changes result in more healing, health, and armor.

Here are the highlights of what this patch brings. More info on the free player appreciation package after that.

General Bonuses

Pieces of gear that roll with armor will now be able to effectively double your health if you specify them for greater survivability. They recognize that Timed Expeditions are focused only on DPS builds, but it will take longer to fix in the future.


  • Reflective bullets get 250% damage increase
  • Reflect Bullets’ bullet acceleration mod increases damage to 330%
  • Impale health regeneration increased by 50%
  • Impale Vlad’s Grasp mod has increased range of 100% instead of 25%


  • FASER Beam gets 100% damage increase
  • FASER Beam now adapts more with increased anomaly power
  • Volcanic Armor mod damage reduction is now 65%, down from 50%


  • Tool of Destruction’s RPG gets a 66% damage increase and its minimum range increased by 50%.
  • Tool of Destruction’s Demolition Man mod has been increased to 65 base damage from 35.
  • Fixing Wave healing increased from 33% to 65%
  • Cold Snap’s Frostbite mod now reduces enemy armor by 100%, down from 35%
  • Cold Snap’s Ice Ice Baby mod has had its damage increased by 300%
  • Frozen Turret now lasts 50% longer


  • Borrowed Time Aggressive Teleport mod damage increased by 111%
  • Hunt the Prey’s Backstabber mod has been increased by 100%
  • Temporal Slice Strong Slice mod has been increased by 71%

These are the buffs and as promised, no nerves. What is missing ? This would increase generic mods on weapons and armor, buffs for legendaries or underused weapon types, and of course there is no drop rate buff for the legendaries mentioned.

But speaking of legendaries, the Player Appreciation Package is live today where players will receive a “Frustration” emote, a pile of titanium, and a legendary weapon fired by a god from the pool of 46 they don’t have, so check your inventory for that.

I’ll try to test some of these changes, but again, until we see an increase in Legendary drop rate, I won’t be returning to the game in any meaningful way. Still, it is something, and progress to a certain extent to be sure.

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