Passing a driving test: knowing how to perform well!


Obtaining your driver’s license is a life-changing ordeal, but one that comes with great responsibility. Therefore, one has to pass a driving test to get a driver’s license, which can be a bit overwhelming for some people. Here are some tips to keep in mind before taking a driving test.

Tips to keep in mind when taking a driving test:

Preparation before the test:

  • One of the best strategies to practice for your tests is to feel relaxed behind the wheel of your vehicle. Try to spend as much time as possible preparing in the car you will be using for the official test. Each vehicle operates in a unique way, so it’s a smart option to get familiar with the vehicle you’ll be driving. Take this into account when studying for your driver’s license.

  • The vehicle will be tested before you can attempt to drive it to ensure it meets the basic criteria. Perform a pre-test assessment on the vehicle you will drive to the test site. If the car lights are not working, you will fail the test.

  • Check the reflectors to easily detect various road problems. The inspector will check if you are using the mirrors appropriately during the test

  • Learn and practice the hand movements until you are comfortable with them. This is one of the initial questions examiners will ask.

  • Gather all the test documentation and make sure it’s in a place where you won’t forget it.


The day of the test:

  • It’s okay to be anxious about the legal driving test; but don’t let stress get the best of you. Take a few deep breaths and exhale slowly to relax. Practice until you feel calm and rested. Always keep in mind that it is crucial to remain calm and controlled throughout the driving course.

  • If you know where your driving test will take place, take the opportunity to find out about the local area and the test routes.

  • Punctuality is the key. Always try to arrive for the driver’s license exam at least one hour before the scheduled time.

  • Always arrive at the platform in the class of vehicle for which you have requested a permit.

  • One of the most important things when driving a car for the exam is to make sure you are wearing a seat belt.

  • Take it easy and ask the exam supervisor to clarify the instructions if you forget them or don’t understand them correctly during the test.

  • Constantly checking your mirrors is also a way to stay in control. When you’re about to rev the engine, change gears, or change lanes, do it.

  • Before taking the test, check with your instructor and if they think you are ready, go for it.

  • Finally, don’t rush into the test; take it when you’re ready.

  • If you make a mistake and think you failed the test, don’t panic. Maintain a positive attitude and assume that you will succeed.



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