Polkadot maintains crucial support despite growing pressure


The past 7 days have been the most volatile for the crypto market in months. We have seen significant coin reservoirs and pressure mounting on altcoins. But despite this, Polkadot managed to stay strong, and despite increased bear pressure, the coin still remains above a very crucial support. But how long can he stay there? More to follow but first some pointers:

  • DOT sits above the $7 support after a slight rally today

  • The coin also has the lowest weekly loss of all the top 10 major coins

  • Consolidation above $7 could provide bullish momentum in the coming weeks

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Data Source: TradingView

How will the DOT price evolve?

For now, we are all trying to assess directional trends in the market to see where everything is going. While most coins saw modest gains, the overall market sentiment is bearish. So, even though DOT is showing superb resilience above $7, it should be clear that the downside risks are quite significant at the moment.

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For now, what bulls can hope for is a period of price consolidation. We’re still not ready for the big bull runs, plus the relief rally seen over the past 24 hours may just be a short-term reversal from last week’s crash.

For this purpose, it would be best to watch the price move above $7. If we are able to see some persistence for at least a week, then DOT could break modestly. But if the weakness persists, the DOT could eventually lose that support. This will inevitably trigger a further decline.

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Is it a good time to buy DOT?

Well, many crypto analysts believe that the market could remain bearish for a few months. While we may see a few bull runs here and there, most will largely be short-lived.

For this reason, if you are buying crypto for a short-term investment, current market conditions may not be favorable. But for long-term buyers, the DOT discount currently makes it a very attractive asset.


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