Prime Minister postpones trip to Japan due to incoming hurricane | UKTN News


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has postponed a trip to Japan because Hurricane Fiona will make landfall early Saturday on the east coast.

Trudeau was set to leave on Sunday for a three-day visit to attend the funeral of former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe who was assassinated this summer — allegedly because of his controversial ties to a church that some believe is a cult.

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But that trip will be postponed due to the need for a potential emergency response, the prime minister’s office said.

“During this time, he will receive briefings on emergency response and federal government support, as well as contact prime ministers,” a PMO spokesperson said.

In a briefing Friday afternoon, Bob Robichaud, a preparedness meteorologist at the Canadian Hurricane Center, warned people not to focus on the hurricane’s trail, as its effects will be felt in part of eastern Canada.

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Environment Canada says this includes much of Nova Scotia, PEI, southeastern New Brunswick, western and southwestern Newfoundland, and some parts of Quebec bordering the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

The powerful storm that has ravaged Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic will bring strong winds, torrential rainfall and significant storm surges to the region.


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