Protesters demand the abolition of the monarchy



The Australian flag has been dismembered during one of a series of anti-monarchy demonstrations across the country.

Protesters at Birrarung Marr in Melbourne cut the flag to pieces and chanted “Abolish the monarchy”.

Federal Greens Senator Lidia Thorpe led hundreds of protesters to take a stand against colonization on the Queen’s National Day of Mourning.

“The boot of the crown is on our necks and we are tired of it,” Ms Thorpe told the rally.

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The group is expected to march to the state parliament.

Their action was one of many protests in Australia on Thursday.

Protester disrupts National Day of Mourning service

In Adelaide, a man was removed from Government House after hearing anti-monarchy chants.

Police asked the 31-year-old from Mile End to leave the area, but he refused.

He was escorted out of the area and ordered not to enter the area for 24 hours.

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In Brisbane, a small but passionate group of protesters demanded an end to what they called centuries of British “tyranny”.

“We don’t need the numbers, we just need the passion,” one protester shouted.

Activist groups Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance (WAR) and Fighting In Solidarity Towards Treaties are among those organizing the demonstrations.

“This is a stance against the ongoing crimes committed against marginalized First Nations, black, brown and Asian communities. We do not support benefactors or Stolenwealth (sic) and demand justice, truth and accountability for all. Justice for all,” WAR wrote on Facebook.

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“This is a demonstration against racist colonial imperialism.”

Another rally is also underway in Sydney.



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