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PS5 ‘Return’ Reviews Are Solid, But Some Critics Say It’s Too Hard

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I didn’t think much of Returnal until a few weeks ago, when the narrative started to go from “hey, that sounds pretty cool” to early glimpses suggesting that many people with early codes were magnet the game.

Now it looks like Sony has yet another exclusive hit on PlayStation.

Early reviews are pouring in from various outlets, and so far the game has racked up scores that put it above the infamous Metascore “85” which usually indicates a critical hit. It is currently 86 on Metacritic and 87 on OpenCritic at the time of writing.

Here are some of the highlights from the reviews that have been posted so far. First of all, the brilliant ones:

Game Informer (9.5) – “Returnal brilliantly combines roguelike mechanics with precise combat and enigmatic exploration, making it a great game.”

Game pot (9) – “Returnal combines elements of shooting, roguelikes, action games and horror to redefine bullet hell and evoke a mysterious and brooding masterpiece.”

We’ve got this covered (9) – “Returnal cast a spell on me – impressive with explosive combat, immersing with haptics and captivating with a monumental atmosphere. Not only is he an easy game contender of the year, but he is also possibly one of the best action thugs ever created.

GameRant (10) – “Returnal by Housemarque is a shining example of what the studio is capable of, delivering tight gameplay with an interesting world.”

As we go further down the ladder a lot of complaints focus on this, even for a roguelike it can be overly punitive at times.

IGN (8) – “His roguelike runs are too long and he needs a way to save in the middle, but Returnal’s third-person shooter action, clever story and atmosphere are great.”

GamesRadar (8) – “The comeback can be complicated, difficult and maybe a little too intransigent for a $ 70 game. And yet, despite the moments of exasperation clutching the cushions, it remains a more authentic experience even after you’ve dived into its depths.

Even though the difficulty is a point of frustration for some, many feel that the rest of the game is enough to make up for it.

Metro (9) – “What should have been a bunch of other people’s ideas, compounded by frustrating difficulty, is actually one of the most intelligently designed video games of recent years, with superb action and endless replayability. . “

Just because I know this industry, I guess there may be a response from fans against critics saying Returnal is too difficult, even though the game won’t be released to the mainstream until tomorrow. There is a contingent that says that just about any difficulty is good and you just have to ‘be fine’, but others would agree that there are limits to this philosophy, and some critics seem think that Returnal is beyond them.

That said, those are stellar scores overall and Returnal seems like another solid entry in the PS5’s catalog, not to mention another common praise is that it “feels” like a true next-gen game. at a time when we didn’t have all of that. many of them still.

The rest of the world will see how they feel about it tomorrow.

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