Qatar World Cup 2022: FIFA allows teams to select 26 players for the next tournament


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The Bureau of the FIFA Council, comprising the FIFA President and the six confederation presidents, on Thursday approved the size of the final squad lists for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, increasing it to at least 23 and setting a maximum cap of 26 players.

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It was also announced that the 73rd FIFA Congress will be held in Kigali, Rwanda on March 16, 2023. The FIFA Presidential Election 2023 will take place during the 73rd FIFA Congress, whose call has been approved by the FIFA Council at its meeting on 30 March 2022. Kigali has already hosted a meeting of the FIFA Council in October 2018.

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Given the need to retain additional flexibility due to the unique schedule of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in the global calendar, as well as the wider context of the disruptive effects caused by the COVID-19 pandemic on teams before and during the tournaments, the Bureau decided the following:

* The maximum number of players on the mailing list has been increased from 35 to 55.

* The number of players to be included in the final list has been increased to at least 23 and a maximum of 26.

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* The last day at club level for the 23-26 players named on the final list will be 13 November 2022.

* No more than 26 people (up to 15 substitutes and 11 team officials – one of these officials must be the team doctor) will be allowed to sit on the team bench.

Following a thorough review of the 2015 edition of the FIFA Equipment Regulations, which took into account best practice in football and certain sports industry regulations, while taking into account the provisions of the Laws of the Game and other FIFA regulations, the Bureau has decided to apply the changes for the 2022 edition.

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The updated Equipment Regulations are available on

FIFA U-20 World Cup Indonesia 2023: In December 2020, following the COVID-19 pandemic, the Bureau decided to cancel the 2021 edition of the FIFA U-20 World Cup and appointed the Football Association of Indonesia (PSSI) to host the competition in 2023.

Following discussions with the PSSI, as well as consultations with all confederations, the Bureau has confirmed that the tournament will be played from May 20 to June 11, 2023.



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