Queen’s funeral plan: Joe Biden placed 14 rows behind – behind the Polish president


In front of the south transept of Westminster Abbey will be the Governors General of Realms, then the Commonwealth countries, followed by other nations.

As Mr. Biden arrived in his armored car, nicknamed The Beast, others were seen catching the bus.

Bus services set up by authorities departed from outside the Royal Hospital Chelsea, where a line of police had closed the road to welcome visiting dignitaries.

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World leaders were brought to the funeral by transport company Westway, which operates Britain’s ‘first and only’ zero-emission coaches.

Based near Hampton Court and holding a Royal Warrant, the company operates a fleet of electric buses that run solely on batteries.

A steady stream of carriages was spotted heading to Westminster Abbey. They have 4G WiFi and carry between 49 and 51 people, according to the company.

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New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern dismissed the suggestion that some dignitaries would be unhappy with the arrangements.

“I don’t think the bus needs too much fuss,” she told the UKTN. “It just makes sense. We are a very practical people.”



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