Rare clip of 4-year-old ‘sulky’ William as Diana says ‘Harry will have all the fun’


An unearthed clip of Prince William from 36 years ago has sent royal fans wild, as Princess Diana tells the sulky young prince that “Harry will have all the fun”.

William is set to celebrate his 40th birthday on Tuesday June 21, meaning he was just four years old when the footage was captured.

The video, shared on TikTok, shows the late Princess of Wales playing with her two boys in the gardens of Highgrove House, Prince Charles’ home in Gloucester.

Diana can be seen carrying Harry, then two years old, while William plays behind some bushes.

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The two child princes were together on the swings, but when Diana tries to get William inside, he refuses, adamant that he wants to continue playing outside.

William, who turns 40 on Tuesday, was just four years old in the video

Diana is quick to tease, “Okay, Harry will have fun then.”

She then begins to walk inside with Harry, adding, “No, that’s fine.”

The trick worked perfectly, with William immediately shouting “No no no no no!” as he chases after Diana and Harry, eager not to miss the “fun” mentioned by his mother.

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Royal fans were quick to share their thoughts on the clip in the comments section.

Unearthed clip of 'sulky' Prince William, 4, as Diana says 'Harry will have all the fun'
Royal fans praised Diana’s parenting trick

One wrote: ‘That was such a mum thing to say.

Another said: “Normal mum with normal kids. God, I miss her.”

A third said: “And it’s that simple! Princess Diana was such a beautiful role model. I miss her!”

“And Harry is ALWAYS having fun,” a fourth person joked.

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A fifth said: “Oh it was great to hear her voice, she was so beautiful and she had such a heart.”

Unearthed clip of 'sulky' Prince William, 4, as Diana says 'Harry will have all the fun'
Young William and Harry with Diana in 1995

A voice-over on the video explains that Diana is about to take a helicopter ride over Highgrove while the boys are picked up by their nanny.

Diana dons pink gingham pants and a matching pink cardigan, while youngsters William and Harry are seen in camouflage uniforms.

The clip has now been liked over 1.3 million times, with over 3,000 comments.

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