Reminder of the queue: ‘It will shape my memories forever’


@Lottie Carr:

“It was an amazing experience; the weather was friendly, your queue buddies were fantastic and the staff were so lovely.

“The line was okay until the unlit steps down to Westminster Bridge, which were downright dangerous, and the zigzags of hell lived up to their name. It was magical to hear there was no more zigzag after the gazebo.

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“At last you reach Westminster Hall and are struck in awe – from the silence and the solemnity to how small the coffin is and the crown and its splendor. I swallowed tears as I thanked and made a curtsy.

“After all, you stumble back into the early morning sun feeling honored to have paid your respects and thanked you. Would I do it again? Absolutely.”

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@Jeffrey Hadfield:

“I was in line for nine hours on Thursday. There were a lot of people jumping in line, just rushing to the top and pushing themselves in. Once you get the tag, you can join it almost anywhere. It didn’t matter so much for me, because I was in no rush.

“The end of the line was the most stressful – if you go through the zigzag line, there must have been a hundred lines. All in all, it was well worth the wait.”

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