Rivals laugh at Keir Starmer’s ‘Sermon on the Mount’ plans for Labor


Former ghost chancellor John McDonnell mocked the essay, titled The Road Ahead, saying it sounded like the “Sermon on the Mount Written by a Focus Group.”

But Steve Reed, Minister for Ghost Communities and Local Governments, on Thursday launched a defense of Sir Keir’s pamphlet, insisting it was a direct response to voters who had lost faith in Labor during of the last general election of 2019.

“The essay he wrote… is to make sure that if you work hard in this country, you move forward,” Mr. Reed said.

“What voters have told Keir is that Labor has not listened enough to their concerns… what Keir is trying to do is refocus Labor on their concerns.”

Lucy Powell, Secretary of Shadow Housing, tweeted: “This is a well-written and compelling read (which I would recommend reading) that makes a case for profound change and what that change will look like.”

And David Lammy, Shadow Justice Secretary, added, “Keir Starmer’s vision is a contributing company, providing safety and opportunity for workers across the country. “

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The brochure, released yesterday by the Fabian Society, sets out 10 principles which Sir Keir said would form the basis of a new contract between Labor and the British people and proposes to work more closely with the private sector – a clear break with the era Jeremy Corbyn. He describes Sir Keir’s plans to build a “contributing society: a society where people who work hard and play by the rules can expect to get something in return.”

“We would do things differently,” writes Sir Keir. “In order to put contribution and community at the center of our efforts, we would establish an effective partnership between the state and the private sector to prioritize the things that we saw that were really important: health, living conditions, working conditions and the environment.



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