Sabattus man denies deadly crash charges


Sept 22 – AUBURN – A Sabattus man Wednesday denied 20 charges in an accident in early June on Lisbon Street in Lewiston that claimed the life of an auburn woman.

Ryan M. Curran, 38, appeared in Androscoggin County Superior Court, where he pleaded not guilty to manslaughter and 16 other charges, including three counts of aggravated assault and four counts of reckless conduct with a dangerous weapon.

Prosecutors on Wednesday argued that Curran’s bail should be changed from $50,000 cash to $75,000 cash.

Assistant District Attorney Katherine Bozeman also argued that Curran should not be allowed to pay $100,000 worth of real estate as bail.

Curran’s bail conditions include house arrest, with permission to leave the house only for medical, legal and work obligations.

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Bozeman argued that he should not be allowed to go to work, an exception that almost calls the house arrest into question, she said.

Tim Zerillo, Curran’s attorney, said the bail should only be changed under state law if circumstances in the case change.

He argued that the Androscoggin County Grand Jury that filed an indictment with additional charges earlier this month does not change the circumstances in which the charges remained unchanged.

Judge Harold Stewart II agreed and ordered Curran’s bail as previously determined.

No-contact provisions with several victims of the crash were added to the terms of Curran’s release.

Curran is charged with causing the June 8 wreckage that claimed the life of Shari Williams, 60, who had stopped at a traffic light on Lisbon Street and Scribner Boulevard when Curran’s truck hit her from behind.

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Police said the 2000 Ford F-250 pickup driven by Curran was traveling “at high speed” into Lisbon’s street when it hit Williams’ Volvo from behind. The impact caused the Volvo to end up in a van. The wreckage was so serious and the casualties so numerous that additional ambulances had to be sent from Auburn and Lisbon.

Williams was found dead in the back seat of her car when rescue teams arrived. Other passengers were also examined for injuries, although none were considered life-threatening.

Curran, who has five criminal convictions from 2010, including drug possession, operating under the influence of drugs and trafficking in contraband, was arrested at the scene on charges of violating probation. He was later charged with manslaughter, and additional charges were filed before the grand jury met Wednesday.

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The charges of aggravated assault and reckless conduct took into account the injuries inflicted on three other victims who were injured in the crash.

Witnesses reported that in the immediate aftermath of the wreck, Curran ran into a nearby grocery store and threw out a crack pipe. At a previous hearing, prosecutors said Curran admitted that, but also noted that he did not throw away any suboxone wrappers or a second pipe.


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