San Francisco train shooting leaves 1 dead, 1 injured, police say


One person was killed and another injured after a shooting on a light rail in San Francisco on Wednesday morning, authorities said.

The San Francisco Police Department received a call around 10 a.m. about a shooting at the Forest Hills station on the Muni, the city’s public rail system, officer Kathryn Winters told reporters on Wednesday. . When officers arrived, they found the train had left the station and was heading for Castro Station, one stop northeast of Forest Hills Station, Officer Winters said.

“Most of the people on the train got off the train quickly,” Constable Winters said, adding that police were unsure how crowded the train or station was at the time of the shooting.

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When police arrived at Castro’s station, they found two victims, Officer Winters said. The San Francisco Fire Department said in a statement Wednesday that it treated two victims “with penetrating injuries” at the station.

One victim died at the scene, despite emergency treatment from police and paramedics, and another victim was taken to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, Constable Winters said. .

“This appears to be an isolated incident,” Constable Winters told reporters at the scene, adding that no arrests had been made.

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The police department said in a statement that the shooting did not appear to have targeted the LGBTQ community or have any connection to Pride events taking place in the city this week.

The department did not know if there was a relationship between the shooter and the victims, Officer Winters said.

San Francisco District 7 Supervisor Myrna Melgar said the Twitter that the shooter fled the train at Castro station.

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The San Francisco Emergency Management Department told residents to avoid the area due to police activity.

Police were working to recover security video recorded at the station, Officer Winters said.

The shooting came weeks after San Francisco voters recalled progressive city attorney Chesa Boudin, in part because of perceptions that crime in the city was on the rise.

The city faces persistent property crime, particularly burglaries and car break-ins, but police department data shows that many other types of crime, including homicides, have remained flat or declined for the pandemic.


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