Scammers target tax refund payments from California’s middle class. Here’s what you need to know


LOS ANGELES (KABC) — Scammers are using text messages in an attempt to steal California’s middle class tax credits, prompting Los Angeles attorney Mike Feuer to issue a warning to the public.

Criminals send fraudulent links to mobile devices urging recipients to “activate” or “reactivate” their debit cards. But the links lead to a website where the senders can steal the victim’s personal information, such as social security number or credit card number, or install malware on the device.

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In a video statement, Feuer noted that tax relief payments for the middle class are made through an automatic deposit or debit card sent through the mail. However, he said many Californians are not aware of the program or how it works — “and this creates an opening for scammers.”

“Californians are so eager to get this tax break this time of year,” Feuer said in an interview. “It would be a pretty automatic gesture to just click a link when prompted to activate a California prepaid debit card. Any of us can be vulnerable to this.”

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Feuer said even he and some of his staffers received the nefarious text messages.

Anyone who receives a similar SMS is advised to simply delete it.

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