Shocking Reasons Adnan Syed From Serial Released After New Suspects Unmasked


FANS of the Serial podcast were shocked Monday when Adnan Syed’s conviction for the murder of his high school girlfriend was released.

Syed was released after serving 23 years in prison following an investigation that revealed new crucial information, including two possible suspects, about the 1999 murder of 18-year-old Hae Min Lee.


Adnan Syed, 41, was released from prison after serving 23 years for the murder of his high school friend Hae Min LeeCredit: EPA
An investigation has uncovered new information about how police carried out the 1999 murder


An investigation has uncovered new information about how police carried out the 1999 murderCredit: Not known, clearly with photo agency
Lee, 18, was found buried in a shallow Maryland grave in February 1999


Lee, 18, was found buried in a shallow Maryland grave in February 1999Credit: Handout

The 41-year-old was released under house arrest after his lawyers claimed new evidence shows the original prosecutors of the case failed to investigate and properly acquit two potential suspects, as reported by UKTN.

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The investigation also found that prosecutors failed to turn over evidence that Syed could have helped to his lawyers.

The defense team had also questioned the legitimacy of witness statements and cell phone records crucial to Syed’s conviction.

Following news of Syed’s release from prison, journalist Sarah Koenig released a new episode of Serial: Season One – the 2014 podcast that made the Maryland case famous.

Inside Adnan Syed's Murder Conviction & Suspect Revealed by Serial Podcast

“According to the prosecutor’s office, they had no intention of breaking up Adnan’s case – mind their own,” Koenig said in the episode released Tuesday.

“They say it just crumbled a little bit when they looked closely at it.”

Although Syed was released, he was not acquitted and a new trial was ordered.

Serial host Koenig, however, said on Tuesday: “I do know that the chances of the state ever attempting to prosecute Adnan again are slim at best.”

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Prosecutors have 30 days since the conviction was lifted to decide whether or not to pursue a new case against Syed.

Syed was only 19 years old when he was convicted of murdering his former high school girlfriend and sentenced to life in prison.

Lee was found buried in a shallow grave in Maryland in February 1999. At trial, prosecutors alleged that Syed strangled Lee in a Best Buy parking lot after school out of jealous rage after they broke up.

While police have not named any suspects, the Serial podcast did investigate additional potential suspects.


Ronald Lee Moore was named by the true-crime ‘Serial’ podcast as a likely suspect in the 1999 strangulation.

Convicted burglar Moore was also based in Baltimore at the time of Lee’s death.

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In 2013, Moore was also named as the likely perpetrator of another 1999 murder involving a Baltimore woman, Annelise Hyang Suk Lee, 27.

The fact that Moore is now credibly suspected of strangling two other women may fuel speculation that he, not Syed, was responsible for the murder of Hae Min Lee.

There will be no defense of Moore, however, as he committed suicide in 2008 while in prison on an unrelated burglary conviction.

Donald “Don” Clinedinsto

Donald Clinedisnt, then 22, was Lee’s boyfriend at the time of her death. The couple met while working at LensCrafters.

The pair spent the night before Lee’s disappearance together and they reportedly had plans to see each other the following evening.

However, Clinedisnt was ruled out early in the investigation, because he had offered work as an alibi. He has denied any wrongdoing.

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“They didn’t fingerprint him, they didn’t take hair samples from him, they didn’t take UKTN from him…although the hair found on Hae’s body didn’t match Adnan’s,” Rabia Chaudry, a lawyer for Syed, Oxygen told me.

“They didn’t think, ‘Maybe we should check on the boyfriend.'”


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