Shoppers slam ‘dangerous’ Walgreens carts as woman complains after falling over


A WOMAN sued Walgreens after she claimed that one of the shopping company’s shopping carts resulted in injuries.

Nancy Fulk was shopping at a Walgreens location in Palm Springs, Florida, on July 1, 2019, when she claimed a shopping cart caused her physical ailments.


A woman in Florida has sued Walgreens after she claimed she was injured by one of the store’s shopping cartsCredit: WPTV
There are many customer complaints about carts at other popular retailers due to security features


There are many customer complaints about carts at other popular retailers due to security featuresCredit: Getty

According to the lawsuit, which was filed Jan. 23, Fulco was at the Walgreens at 3184 S. Congress Ave. when the wheels “locked up” on the shopping cart she was pushing, per WPTV.

This impediment on the wheels is said to have caused Fulco to “lose her balance and fall to the ground”.

Now she and her North Palm Beach-based attorney Skip Goldenberg are seeking a jury trial and $50,000 in damages.

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According to Goldenberg, Walgreens was responsible for maintaining the proper functionality of its shopping carts.

Walgreens criticized for locking everything up 'behind plexiglass'

In addition, he argued that Fulco should have been warned about the shopping cart’s “dangerous condition” if the cart malfunctioned.

The lawsuit alleged that Fouke had “experienced bodily injury and resulting pain and suffering, disability, permanent injury, disfigurement, mental anguish, loss of ability to enjoy life, costs of hospitalization, medical and nursing care and treatment, and exacerbation of a pre-existing condition.”

It’s unclear if the shopping cart described in the lawsuit was due to a new anti-theft feature that other popular retail chains like Target have installed on their shopping carts.

Customers are reportedly having trouble with the sensors the retailer placed on the carts to lock their wheels.

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The feature is supposed to kick in when a car goes outside a certain area, but a TikToker recently posted a video that apparently showed a glitch.

Walmart also implemented a similar security feature to the dismay of many frustrated customers who claimed it would block their shopping cart wheels in random locations in the store.

A spokesperson for Walgreens declined to comment to The US Sun because of pending lawsuits.

On top of this new development, the retail company was already dealing with a separate lawsuit in West Virginia.


As The US Sun previously reported, Walgreens recently agreed to pay $83 million in a settlement with the state following their alleged role in an opioid crisis.

The prosecution argued that Walgreens had no control over the distribution and dispensing of the drugs.

They also said Walgreen’s misconduct has left the state with significant financial losses through medical treatment and rehabilitation costs.

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This also reportedly included the cost of a medical examiner, self-funded state insurance costs, and other losses.

These alleged actions by the company have contributed to the state’s opioid oversupply, according to officials.

WDTV reported that the $83 million settlement would be paid out over eight years.

West Virginia officials said they plan to use the settlement to fight the opioid epidemic, which is still ongoing.

“We will continue to fight for those families and we will serve as the voice of the sons and daughters they lost,” Attorney General Patrick Morrisey said in a statement last week.

Walmart, CVS and Rite Aid were also involved in the same lawsuit and have reportedly reached settlements.

Kroger is the last remaining defendant in the lawsuit.

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