So far, “Overwatch 2” feels like a missed opportunity for crossover skins


The San Francisco Shock did me good.

Shortly after the season 2 trailer for Overlook 2 dropping, revealing a theme from Greek mythology, the team posted an edited version of the clip with Kratos van God of war. For a split second I thought it was the real deal, maybe a Reaper skin since the Blades of Chaos on Kratos’ back kind of looked like the Hellfire Shotguns.

great joke, Shock social media team. Nicely played.

The NY Excelsior has also been teasing some fun concepts over the past few weeks, including Widowmaker as Spider-Gwen. These got me thinking about how much Overlook 2 could really use some crossover skins. We haven’t had many at all in its nearly six-year history Overexpectedexcept for the awesome Lego skin for Bastion and the ones that go with other Blizzard games and properties.

Branded crossover skins and cosmetics have been hugely successful for other free-to-play games, including the Epic stable of Fortnite, fall boys and Rocket League. I’ve drifted away from all that stuff, only to be drawn back in by the lure of skins for Spider-Man, Aloy, and Ecto-1.

In all honesty, Overlook 2 is completely different from those games. It doesn’t really matter what your character or car looks like Fortnite or Rocket League. Every player has exactly the same basic mechanics.

Skins don’t (usually) affect gameplay in Overlook 2 neither, but the game now has 36 individual heroes, each with their own fan bases. That’s a lot of ground to cover with crossover skins from one brand and there are a lot of players who want different things.

Still, cool skin is cool skin. I don’t play Junker Queen much, but I’ve been grinding for that fantastic Zeus Mythic skin on the premium battle pass on both my accounts. I want it in my collection and the double XP weekend happening right now should help me get through the last few levels.

Blizzard could do more to improve the appeal of Overlook 2, especially now that it’s a free game. Crossovers are a good way to do that, so I hope they can find some partnerships and get skins from other IPs (and even challenges related to other franchises) in the game.

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