SP Federal Council candidates: First hearing in Lucerne


SP Federal Council candidates

Pretty synchronous: who scored at the first public hearing

It’s serious on Saturday: Then the SP parliamentary group nominates the official Federal Council candidates. Until then, the three aspirants are warming up. Like on Monday evening at the first public rencontre in Lucerne.

The SP Federal Council candidates Eva Herzog, Elisabeth Baume-Schneide and Evi Allemann before the first public hearing.

Eveline Beerkircher

It is a special kind of show. The public has no say in the Federal Council elections. A public hearing of the candidates serves the party above all: the aspirants for the Federal Council office show themselves to the party base – and promote party positions in a public way. Sometimes there are scandals: Central Federal Council candidate Heidi Z’graggen fell into the microphone trap in 2018. “Däisch en Depp” she breathed into the microphone in the Hotel Bellevue and the whole of Switzerland wondered: did the woman from Uri mock an older questioner? On the same evening, her party colleague Peter Hegglin stumbled over a question in English and the former FDP candidate for the Federal Council, Hans Wicki, made a fool of himself at his party’s road show with his poor French.


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