Spreitbach files a criminal complaint for threats against Köppel


1 August celebration

Spreitenbach is now definitely filing a criminal complaint because of the threats against Roger Köppel

For the August 1 celebration, the municipality of Spreitbach had invited Roger Köppel as a guest speaker. Due to an anonymous threatening letter, it was decided to unload him again at short notice. Criminal charges against unknown persons will be filed next week. Mayor Markus Mötteli explains why it took so long.

After anonymous threats, the community uninvited speaker Roger Köppel.

Image: Dominic Kobelt

Mayor Markus Mötteli had to do it himself this year
1 August speech. The keynote speaker, Roger Köppel, was uninvited at short notice after an anonymous letter threatened to disrupt the celebration and Köppel’s speech with “legal projectiles”.

That had an effect. The safety of Köppel could have been guaranteed, Mötteli explained to the AZ at the time. However, the municipal council was concerned about the safety of the guests – including many elderly people – if there had been a riot. The visitors showed understanding for this step, but were also outraged that it could come to this.

The mayor described the anonymous threatening letter as “very concrete” and “not a confused pamphlet”: “It was described exactly how many people they came with and that they would disturb the event until Roger Köppel stops speaking.”

Why is the lawsuit only coming out now?

The municipal council passed the letter on to the cantonal police back in August, and the facts were recorded. “At the time, we didn’t know for sure whether we wanted to file a criminal complaint. In such a case, you have three months before you have to make a definitive decision,” explains Mötteli. This has happened in the meantime, the criminal complaint will be filed next week.

Why now? “We first had to discuss this in the municipal council, and I and then the police officer who was in charge of the case were absent, which is why it took a little longer. But we are still within the three months, »emphasizes Mötteli. He still has to make a statement to the police, which will happen next week.

Are there reasons that speak against an ad? “We weren’t sure how great the chances of success were and whether the efforts of the police and the public prosecutor’s office were justified,” says Mötteli. The chances of success are still considered slim. “But the case was so serious that we wanted to take this step,” the mayor continues.

In his speech, Köppel praised his opponents

The police assess the chances of success somewhat differently, as Bernhard Graser, media spokesman for the Aargau cantonal police, previously explained to the AZ: “There are definitely chances of clarification. Experience shows that good results have been achieved in similar cases.” If the author of the threatening letter can be identified, he or she will have to answer to the public prosecutor.

Köppel was allowed to speak in Dürrenäsch and Gipf-Oberfrick, but critics also came forward there because of his position on the Ukraine war and statements that were pro-Putin. The SP sometimes even called for Köppel to be unloaded again. However, the publisher of “Weltwoche” did not say a word about Russia and the war, but about Aargau and its politics. The majority could well have come from the pen of an SP politician – he emphasized how important it is that different opinions, genders and skin colors are represented in Switzerland.


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