Staff shortage at Packer Avenue marine terminal plays role in supply chain shortage due to backlog of shipping containers


PHILADELPHIA (UKTN) – Congestion in the global supply chain is causing shortages on store shelves across the country. Part of this chain is along the Delaware River at the Packer Avenue Marine Terminal.

It is estimated that the number of containers in transit is 16% higher than last year.

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If you’ve noticed fewer options on the shelves while shopping at the grocery store or in stores, know that this is a national problem and it’s a domino effect.

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There was a backlog in getting products out of the shipyards and into the stores.

CBS3’s Alecia Reid was at the Packer Avenue marine terminal on Thursday. She says there are shipping containers full of poultry and fresh produce that should go to supermarkets.

There are other containers with toys, tires, furniture, and other items destined for stores like Walmart and Home Depot.

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The backlog is widespread, so containers that typically spend a few days in the yard are delayed for up to a week due to understaffing. Some containers have been there since May, but fresh produce and other perishables take priority.

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Currently, the shipyard is 15-20% understaffed and needs an increased workforce to meet the growing demands of the port.

For now, to fill the gap, employees are spending night hours when the port is usually closed.

“We had around 13,000 containers in our terminal waiting to be moved, this is almost double the normal containers we have at the terminal and we have seen refrigerated containers double due to a lack of power from the trucks, lack of manpower in the receiving warehouse and lack of outbound trucking to supermarkets. So every link in the chain is connected here, ”said Eric Holt, Commercial Director of Holt Logistics Corporation.

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While people are managing as best they can, the company continues to recruit. And while we look forward to the holidays, there may be delays or shortages in stores.

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