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The surge continues: US water company with solid returns: +82.5% in 5 years

In the stock market blog “Money”, the expert François Bloch paints a daily portrait of a dazzling or wavering action. Today: The American Water Works Company.

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Company: the American Water Works Company (stock symbol: AWK US) is an American water company. The company specializes in services in the areas of water and sanitation. American Water understands the enormous importance of water in all areas of life and is committed accordingly. In addition to customer service and technical know-how, the group provides high-quality drinking water, safe and efficient wastewater treatment and other associated management services. The company serves 15 million people in communities across the United States, Manitoba and Ontario, Canada. (Source:

US water utility with strong returns: +82.5% in 5 years (holding)

investment proposal: Keep staying in the game on things American hydraulic worksalthough the one with 24.51 Billions of dollars rated shares have performed more than convincingly over the past five years. I am a more avowed fan of this American company and have been for several years, which is one of the world’s leading suppliers in its field. By 2022, the price/earnings ratio should fall to a moderate level of 32.71 points (historical average: 28) for this stock. The return on sales is already more than excellent, which should reach a value of 36.1% for the financial year 2022, which represents a more than solid result for this industrial company in the broad sense. If you add an expected revenue of US$4.108 billion in 2022, you can understand the effect of the increase in sales return percentage, which was still 33.2% in 2018.

For information: in 2016, the company achieved a turnover of 3.3 billion US dollars. The growth stock only has a dividend yield of 1.58%, but that shouldn’t matter to you as an investor. The company is very well positioned and should continue to make massive gains over the next five years excess return achieve against the Dow Jones index. The company’s good positioning justifies a commitment to this stock more than ever, even from the point of view of a very conservative investor. For the past five years, the newspaper has been listed on the NYSE 82.5% increase in value against a return of +62.7% to S&P 500 Index represents an absolute best result in the same period. The value fully corresponds to the sustainability criteria.

Next Dividend figures on August 08, 2022!

Investment strategy: Sensational five-year performance – Massive excess return against the S&P 500 index (the most well-known stock market indicator in the United States)

Conclusion: The stock is valued very attractively at the current level. In combination with covered calls more than recommended for a newcomer.

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