Student arrested after allegedly bringing a gun to North Kansas City High School


A student was arrested Wednesday after being found with a gun in their possession at North Kansas City High School, according to the school district.

In a letter sent home to parents, Principal Drew White said a student told a campus security officer they saw another student with a gun.

“The student in question was already in the office talking to an administrator,” White said. “Our school resources were already there too. A firearm was found in the student’s possession, immediately removed and seized by the police.”

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The police arrested the student.

“Students probably didn’t notice any interruption in their day,” White said. “Law enforcement officers informed us that there was no need to shut down as the student’s location was already known and they resolved it within seconds. The entire incident was resolved within seconds and confined to one office.”

The school’s safety and security procedures worked as intended, White said. He encouraged students to say something when they see or know something

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“These efforts are critical and I appreciate the student who shared their concern,” White said. “Please know that student safety is my number one priority and that we always review our security measures to ensure a safe learning environment in Northtown.”

Wednesday’s incident was unrelated to a fake phone call received last week, White said.

Last week, the FBI in Kansas City said it was aware of the numerous beatings involving an active shooter at a school.

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“The FBI takes spanking very seriously because it endangers innocent people,” the FBI said in a statement. “While we have no information to identify a specific and credible threat, we will continue to work with our local, state and federal law enforcement partners to collect, share and act on threat intelligence as it comes to our attention. “

The FBI urged the public to immediately report suspicious activity and individuals to the police.


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