Suspected hit-and-run road bike operator arrested after posting TikTok video blaming parents of boy injured in crash


NEW YORK (CBSNew York) -An arrest was made after a three-day manhunt for the suspect accused of running over a 4-year-old boy in a Queens park with an all-terrain motorcycle and then taking off.

Argenis Rivas, 29, of Queens, was arrested after someone gave Crime Stoppers a tip about a TikTok video where the alleged off-road motorcycle driver blames the child’s parents for the ‘accident.

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Police said the video shows Rivas speaking in Spanish and blaming the little boy’s parents for what happened, saying: “It was the parents’ fault. They were not paying attention to their child.

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The little boy’s parents, Jonathan Beauchamp, 4, spoke to UKTN’s Cory James off camera.

“That’s not good man,” Jonathan’s dad said.

“For him to say, oh, is it our fault?” It’s crazy, ”Jonathan’s mother said.

Both say they were on a family outing to Flushing Meadow Park on Sunday and looked after all of their children.

“We just wanted to relax and play some music,” Jonathan’s dad said.

They say their rally went awry when their vibrant little boy was run over.

“I took it from someone’s hand and rushed it to the hospital myself. The ambulance didn’t take him, I did. I took him to the hospital. I got there in less than 10 minutes, ”said Jonathan’s father. “I didn’t care about the lack of light. I didn’t care. I just did it. But I had no choice, man. My son’s life was in danger there, man.

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While Jonathan was recovering in hospital, police cracked down on illegal horsemen.

Jonathan’s mother believes this needs to happen more, including efforts to capture people who commit similar crimes.

“I feel like they need to put more cameras in parks just in case accidents like this happen with children,” she said.

For now, they’re just happy that their young boy, who had a breathing tube in his threat and a bruise to his liver and lungs, is finally opening his eyes and showing signs of improvement.

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“Thank goodness he’s getting better,” Jonathan’s mother said.

The person who submitted this Crime Stoppers tip is eligible for a $ 10,000 reward.

Meanwhile, Rivas faces multiple charges, including assault and reckless endangerment.

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As police make more arrests for illegal motorcyclists, city leaders are also trying to increase fines and penalties for violators.



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