Swimming pools, soccer fields, sports stadium: the privileged life of Kim Jong Un’s daughter


Kim Jong Un unveiled his daughter to the world for the first time on Saturday.

The daughter of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, who made her first public appearance last week, is leading a privileged life, according to a report in New York Post. The outlet spoke to some North Korean analysts who said the nine-year-old lives in a huge seaside villa in Wonsan in Kangwon province. The After report said the girl’s name is Ju Ae. She showed up hand-in-hand with her father to inspect the launch of the nuclear-armed country’s largest ballistic missile on Nov. 19.

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The estate where she lives is like Mar-a-Lago, the outlet said, adding that it has swimming pools, tennis courts, soccer fields, water slides and a sports stadium.

The experts continued New York Post that the family has 15 other mansions scattered throughout the land they travel to through an underground network of tunnels. These tunnels have a network of railways designed to prevent Kim Jong Un’s family from getting on the radar of foreign intelligence agencies, the paper said.

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“She has a really nice life. She and her siblings have a full complement of nannies and housekeepers, but they also hang out with their parents a lot,” Michael Madden, a nonresident fellow at the Stinson Center and an expert on the area of ​​North Korea, the After.

“Kim Jong-un’s father was a hard boy, but he was also very attentive to his children. When you are a dictator, you get to choose how you spend your time,” he added.

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Kim’s wife, Ri Sol Ju, also made a rare appearance at Friday’s launch, according to North Korea’s state news agency KCNA.

North Korea never announced who would follow Kim if he were incapacitated, and with few details known about his young children, analysts had speculated that his sister and loyalists could form a regency until a successor is old enough to take over .

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