Taco Bell Says Its Mexican Pizza Will Be Back In September


Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza

Source: Taco Bell

According to the fast food chain, Mexican Pizza will return as a set menu item at Taco Bell on September 15.

The Yum Brands-owned chain had pulled the item in 2020 to simplify its menu before returning in May. But Taco Bell said ingredient shortages couldn’t keep up with demand, which was boosted in part by rapper Doja Cat’s TikTok marketing efforts.

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After its return in May, Taco Bell said demand was seven times higher than when the item was previously available, increasing supply. A California restaurant sold more than 1,000 of its pizzas made with beef and beans in one day.

According to a statement from the company, the delivery problems have been resolved. “Taco Bell has worked diligently to solve depleted ingredients and supply chain challenges,” it said.

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Shortages of other fast food menu items in the past have also contributed to the uproar, including Popeye’s first nationwide chicken sandwich in 2019.

Taco Bell customers waiting for the pizza’s return can also anticipate the release of “Mexican Pizza: The Musical,” starring Doja Cat and Dolly Parton, which was delayed along with the dish. Taco Bell told diehard fans to “stay tuned”.

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