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Baby Boomers

Some experts say a recession is coming. Here’s how to prepare your portfolio

Phonlamaiphoto | Istock | Getty ImagesMonths of volatile stock markets, soaring inflation and rising interest rates have left many investors wondering if...

Retirees planning to travel should check their Medicare coverage to avoid costly surprises

Tom Merton | Getty ImagesIf you're a Medicare retiree and want to travel, be sure to find out if your insurance plan can...

“It’s Like Going to the DMV Online”: What to Know About Buying Series I Savings Bonds Through TreasuryDirect

eatgrunge | Istock | Getty ImagesThere has been record demand for Series I Federal Savings Bonds, an inflation-protected and nearly risk-free asset,...

Here’s how to fight a higher-than-expected property tax bill

Momo Productions | Digital Vision | Getty ImagesIf your home's value has skyrocketed during the Covid pandemic, you could receive an inflated...

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