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Sony shares slide on Microsoft Gaming Deal ‘monumental challenge’

Shares of Japanese group Sony fell 9% on Wednesday after gaming rival Microsoft said it would buy developer Activision Blizzard in a record $68.7...

‘Nobody Saves the World’ Review: Everyone Has to Be Nobody

"Nobody Saves the World" is worth more than Drinkbox Studios' four-year wait. ...

Halo Infinite gets fix for Big Team Battle mode matchmaking issue

Halo Infinite will soon receive an update that includes a fix for the matchmaking issue in its Big Team Battle (BTB) multiplayer mode. ...

Microsoft says Xbox Series S / X is its best-selling consoles

The Xbox Series S / X are extremely popular gaming consoles, and at this point in their lifecycle they have outperformed the sales of...

The best new video games of 2022

The best new video games of 2022.

Xbox Series X lacks a key feature and it’s not easy to fix

The Senua Saga: Hellblade II Credit: Microsoft ...

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