Terrifying detail about the torture of a boy whose skull was severed from the spine


Terrifying details have emerged in the ailing torture and abuse of a 10-year-old boy after his brutal sister and her partner were charged in connection with his death.

Authorities arrested the couple after police found the young boy dead in his bed at their Merrillville, Indiana home in October 2020.


April Wright has been charged in connection with the death of her 10-year-old brotherCredits: Lake County Sheriff’s Department
Her partner, Rachel Wright, has also been charged


Her partner, Rachel Wright, has also been chargedCredits: Lake County Sheriff’s Department
The battered body of Leviticus Kuchta was found in the couple's home, court documents show


The battered body of Leviticus Kuchta was found in the couple’s home, court documents showCredit: Facebook/Missing Person Awareness Network NFP

They found that the tragic Leviticus Kuchta had suffered a series of horrific injuries, including to his skull which had been severed from his spine.

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Prosecutors now believe this was the result of months of horrific torture and isolation at the hands of April Wright, 28, and Rachel Wright, 28, who were charged with murder, aggravated assault and battery of a person under the age of 14.

On Tuesday, April pleaded guilty to one charge of neglecting a dependent, alleging that her partner had dislocated the boys’ cervical vertebrae and his jaw leading up to his death.

It conflicted with the woman’s initial claim – stated in court documents – that suggested that Levictus suffered the injuries while riding a dirt bike in his neighborhood.

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But at the time, local residents told police they hadn’t seen the boy outside in four months, as officers later discovered the same bike covered in dust and cobwebs in a garage.

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Prosecutors believe the boy’s sister and her wife never sought medical attention for Leviticus during his time in their care – whose numerous other injuries included cuts to his face, stab wounds, infected fingers and toes, bruised eyes and “fresh” injuries to his testicles.

“He was the punching bag for his sister and her wife,” Lake County Deputy Prosecutor Michelle Jatkiewicz wrote in a series of court documents.

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“They had full access to Leviticus, who had no access to help. The only way he would leave that house was in a body bag. And that eventually happened.”

A doctor later testified that the boy was likely in constant pain leading up to his death, Law&Crime reports.

The medical professional added that he would not have been able to walk or use his left hand due to the blunt force trauma he suffered.

Documents add that the boy had only ended up in the care of his sister and her wife after his mother was imprisoned on a drug conviction.

NY Post reports that April could now face 20 to 35 years in prison if her final plea deal is upheld at a January hearing.

Her partner Rachel Wright also pleaded guilty to one count of neglect in October and has reportedly agreed to testify against her wife.


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