The Anti-Harry: Why Berset is doing well with the strategy of silence


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The Anti-Harry: Why Alain Berset is doing well with his strategy of silence

Unlike Prince Harry, Federal Councilor Berset is even silent when he is at the center of a scandal. When it comes to dealing with scandals, this strategy is almost progressive, writes Matthias Ackeret.

For Berset more important than indiscretions: posing with ski star Beat Feuz.

Peter Schneider / KEYSTONE

When this portal reported last Saturday about the secret e-mails between Ringier CEO Marc Walder and former Berset spokesman Peter Lauener, the criticized Federal President was already on slippery terrain: on the Lauberhorn. Cheered on by thousands of ski fans, he took countless selfies.

When the rest of Switzerland wondered about the published e-mails, the SRF sports reporter inquired almost investigatively about the number of photos taken. Towards the evening, Berset posted a picture with the inscription “Bravo”. He didn’t mean the research performance of CH Media, but the runner-up Marco Odermatt.

The coolness with which Berset sits out the crisis deserves an award. The NZZ headlined desperately: “The pressure is increasing, Berset is silent.” It is the Berset principle to push away at the crucial moment; the antithesis to Prince Harry, who damaged himself and the English royal family with his chattiness.

In doing so, the interior minister has given the lie to all communication gurus who demand absolute transparency in the crisis. Whether it’s his amorous or his aviation gimmicks, Berset has done well so far. After a media tsunami, the German defense minister gave up the begging, Berset would never do that. Even with the scandal, he was progressive: while Trump and Biden store their secrets in the villa and garage, Berset had outsourced them. To the Ringier publishing house.

*Matthias Ackeret is the publisher of the communications magazine «Personal».


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