The best air fryers to save money and energy in 2023 (with tasty results)


Why are air fryers suddenly so hard to find? They seem to be sold out everywhere, with major brands Ninja, Phillips and Gourmia now as rare as gold dust. This time-saving kitchen gadget only came on the market ten years ago. They caught on fairly quickly (having spent $412 million in the US in 2019) and saw a surge of interest during the lockdown, when influencers on Instagram, YouTube and TikTok showed how they can reduce the amount of oil used in cooking. , can decrease.

That convinced health-conscious 20-somethings that they were worth a look. But now there is a second, even bigger airfryer popularity and this time it’s not just millennials, but also parents and grandparents. This time the killer app saves money.

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To find out exactly how hot air frying lowers your energy bill, and for our full reviews, scroll down. If you already know how to save money with an airfryer, here’s a quick look at our top six.

At a glance: the best airfryer

Why does an airfryer use less energy than an oven?

It is due to two factors: size and time. When you stand on your kitchen worktop, airfryers are considerably smaller than conventional ovens. They generally range from about two to eight liters in volume (although air fryers as large as 24 liters also exist). The less air there is, the less energy it takes to heat it up.

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Then there’s the smart convection technology that ensures that the heat and evaporated oil are distributed very evenly over every part of your food. All told, these features mean that airfryers can typically save you about 30 minutes of cooking time. A meal cooked for an hour in a typical 2,000-watt electric oven would use two kilowatt-hours of energy, but if you could cook the same meal in half an hour in a 1,000-watt convection air fryer, it would use only half a kilowatt-hour.

This is suddenly very relevant. The first time we reviewed air fryers, during the lockdown, a kilowatt-hour of electricity cost just 18 pence. The current price, under the government’s Energy Price Guarantee, is a scary 34 pence. (Costs vary by supplier, rate, and region, but we default to using the maximum price in our reviews.) So we’ve reviewed our review and will continue to update it as availability changes and new air fryers become available.

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All other things being equal, it’s still cheaper to cook on gas, which costs 10 pence per kilowatt-hour at the time of writing, although the size and age of your gas oven may still make it less efficient than the best modern air fryers .

How I tested the best airfryer



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