The best low-alcohol and alcohol-free beers for Sober October 2022, tested

  • 0.5 percent ABV
  • 25 calories per 100 ml

All of the beers recommended here are refreshing, complex, or extremely tasty. The Erdinger ticks all those boxes and passes the “aaah” test better than any other.

It is a Weissbier, an increasingly popular beer from Bavaria. Weissbiers contain both wheat and barley malt and are top-fermented with special yeasts. Weissbiers have a sour taste and a fruity aroma, usually compared to bananas and cloves, which awaken the taste buds.

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Erdinger Alkoholfrei is just as good as any of them, despite the lower ABV. It infuses with a deep, lacy lather that imparts a pleasant sorbet scent when you sip. It is slightly salty on the lips, with a freshly baked bread taste that goes well with German dishes such as sausage and mustard, but also goes well with a Greek salad. Impressively, it doesn’t leave the slightly tacky aftertaste that can be the case with full strength weissbiers.

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Erdinger presents it as a “refreshing isotonic drink” that I’m not entirely fascinated with. While it has half the calories of fruit juice and contains vitamins B9 and B12, which play a role in the immune system, I think it might raise some eyebrows when you bust one open at the gym.

But it certainly works as a reward for yourself to get home. It’s also one of the most widely available beers tested here, found in most major supermarkets. I’d say anyone who hasn’t tried low alcohol beer yet should start here.

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