The best strollers, pushchairs and buggies of 2022, tried and tested by new moms (and their babies)


What is the best stroller for your baby? A simple question, apparently, that became a daunting task when researching my baby carrier options. As a first-time mom, did I want a model that was rugged for urban and rural terrain, maybe even a running buggy—or something lighter and more compact for the city?

When choosing the best buggy or pram, keep in mind that it is one of the biggest investments you will make for your baby. The best pram systems with all the bells and whistles can run you over £1,000, although you can pick up a cheap and cheerful pram for under £100.

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I was looking for a versatile setup that could handle the rural environment I live in, but also something that can be easily folded as I travel a lot. I wanted a frame that converts into a double buggy for baby number two should one come out, so I knew I would have to spend on one system that would last. To help me choose, I turned to Millie Poppins, a baby expert and maternity mentor who has worked in the field for over a decade. My first question was about terminology.

What is the difference between a pram, a pram, a buggy and a travel system?

“A buggy and a strollerMillie explains, “are the same; a fold-down unit for older children who can sit independently. These are usually lightweight and ideal for travel, especially at airports right up to the gate.

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“A pram is a bit firmer. Many strollers can be folded back completely so that your baby is supported in a horizontal position while napping. In the early weeks and months, however, you should use a crib attachment so that your baby lies completely flat in it. So a stroller.

“A travel system includes all these attachments, and often a car seat too, so you have everything you need from birth to toddler on the same frame.”

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What stroller do you need for a newborn?

“A crib attachment model is always best for a newborn so your baby can lie flat and cocooned for the first four to six months, but this isn’t essential. Your little one is development-ready for the stroller.

“However, a cradle on the frame is always a good option if you do a lot of walking and venturing. This way you can easily attach a baby diaper bag for easy access and store items in the basket below (great for supermarket trips).”

Scroll to the bottom of this feature for more helpful stroller advice from Millie.



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