The Gathering Of The Greats’ Ferrari Edition: Legends Will Take The Stage At Chattanooga Motorcar Festival


Celebrating its third year, the annual Chattanooga Motorcar Festival will come back even stronger with an eye-catching cast of Ferrari Supercars. As part of The Gathering of the Greats-Ferrari Edition, the supercars will provide an exclusive look into the brand’s history and are expected to attract Ferrari enthusiasts from across the country. The festival kicks off today, October 14-16, with the anticipated Concours d’Elegance on Sunday.

Featured vehicles range from 1950s models to 21st century counterparts. Two of the eighteen vehicles included are the only models of their kind, while nine are part of 100 vehicle editions. The Ferrari Supercars on display are ‘halo’ examples that illustrate the brand’s continued innovation and commitment to pushing the boundaries of both technology and luxury. Rarely exhibited side by side, the four supercars will be an event highlight that underscores the festival’s expansion into 2022.

Collectively, the cars have years of experience at Concours d’Elegance events, along with individual backstories that will be told during Sunday’s docent-led tour. To understand the caliber of the vehicles on display, consider Kevin Cogan’s 2003 Ferrari Enzo and Jud Dayton’s 1960 Ferrari 250 GT – nearly five decades apart, the two models will share the podium to represent the legendary Tennessee brand.

The Ferraris, chosen by festival curator Steve Ahlgrim, will be on display all day Sunday in a purpose-built field, where visitors can not only view the vehicles, but also meet their proud owners – many of whom have stories and anecdotes to share. Those looking to catch a glimpse of the stars of the show even earlier can witness some of the vehicles being driven from the Westin Chattanooga Hotel to the Pace Grand Prix at the Bend. There, the cars will take part in a parade session before taking the podium the following day at Sunday’s Concours d’Elegance.

Returning better than ever, this year’s Chattanooga Motorcar Festival promises an action-packed weekend characterized by Ferrari’s unmistakable allure, global reputation and rare vehicle models. The vehicles on display at the Gathering of the Greats are a rare sight outside of private collections, providing insight into half a century of automotive history, especially when viewed up close and personal.



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