The Hurt Business Origins MVP Paul Heyman Loses His Cane Backstage at WWE WrestleMania | UKTN


MVP was interviewed on the recent episode of Corey Graves’ “After The Bell” podcast. Here are some highlights from the interview:

MVP spoke about the origins of The Hurt Business:

“Bobby and I have very natural chemistry. We’re friends in real life. We play friends and business partners on TV, but it’s organic. Contrary to popular belief, Bobby had an idea for a while to do something like a wounded business. Bobby said for a while, in fact, Bobby and Shelton discussed it. When I got there Bobby and I talked about it, and luckily Paul Heyman was on board and said, ‘Yeah, let’s try. Bobby and I discussed how we would like to make it happen, and everyone said, “Yeah, let’s try.” It was a smooth transition. “

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The MVP was asked if he ever saw himself being a producer in the back as a manager?

“I never really saw myself as a producer, but there were times when I thought potentially, after my career in the ring, maybe I could become a commentator or maybe come back as GM. , or something like that. But, this role I stepped into was nothing I had planned, dreamed of or thought about, but it fits me like a glove. Again, organic is the word I keep using because it’s so natural, so pure, but I really love the role I’m playing now. “

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MVP said he couldn’t find his cane shortly before having to step into the ring at this year’s WrestleMania:

“I did not find it. Fortunately, the prop crew found it. One of my rods is still MIA. I’m not totally convinced that someone hasn’t stolen it and is at someone’s house with a plate. Fortunately, because I am an MVP, I had a rescue cane. I had two canes, and one of them made it to Gorilla. The craziest thing was, it was wet, and just the ramp, people were slipping and almost falling. People don’t realize that my knee is legitimately injured, so this cane isn’t fair for show. This cane replaced the crutch, and I actually use it. I think when I go out I need this cane so that I don’t slip and tear my knee even more.

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