The UK is set to enjoy another intense three-day heat wave with temperatures reaching 30C


The UK is set to sizzle again, with the mercury once again likely to hit 30C in places later this week, before we’re brought down to earth with a bump on Friday (June 24) .

The peak in temperature is expected to be on Thursday (June 23), with the southeast seeing the best numbers, when it’s not impossible they could witness similar heat as the hottest day. from Friday (June 17), when it reached 32C.

Continental weather is heading towards Britain, although a cooler front from the Atlantic is likely to introduce more “unsettled conditions” on Friday.

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Met Office spokesman Grahame Madge told the Daily Mirror: ‘The heat is certain to continue to increase over the course of this week towards Thursday, which we believe will be the peak heat day.

There could be parts of the country hitting 30C later this week, particularly the south east (stock image)

“We expect the heat to rise and hit the high 20s, maybe somewhere with a low 30.”

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Whether the country will experience an extended spell of hot weather over the summer remains to be seen, with Madge hedging her bets.

He added: “While we don’t know exactly what the weather conditions will deliver over the summer, it’s entirely possible that we will have one or two hot spells, but there is less confidence as to when these occur.

Sun lovers will be in their element this week as the country will be bathed in heat
Sun lovers will be in their element this week as the country will be bathed in warm weather (stock image)

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“The outlook for the summer as a whole is for temperatures to be around average or slightly depressed, but that doesn’t mean we won’t get the odd heat wave.”

After Thursday’s peak in the 1930s, forecasters are predicting ‘outbreaks of thunderstorms’ from mainland Europe into southeast and eastern Anglia ‘before these cooler conditions really have a chance to pass,” he continued.

“We are keeping a brief overview on this, we do not plan to issue any warnings. There is a chance of heavy showers, and some could be thundery and punchy.



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