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‘There was a big battle here’: Lawyers visit Capitol Hill as crime scene

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He called the various parts of the battle the “last fight” for the various wings of the complex and said the parliamentarian’s office had suffered the worst damage. As a normal tour guide would, Inspector Loyd also pointed out the historical nature of the events the group had seen unfold on television, including the aftermath of the riot, when National Guard troops were deployed. to protect the Capitol.

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“We haven’t had any soldiers sleeping in the rotunda since the War of 1812,” he said.

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While much of the visit was routine, there were dramatic moments in Inspector Loyd’s account, including his account of the heroism of Officer Eugene Goodman, who has been credited with saving the lives of members of Congress on January 6.

“Officer Goodman leads them up the stairs, he pauses and he continues to lead them,” the inspector said as the group stood near the Senate Chamber. “This is where Agent Goodman makes sure everyone, including the vice president, is safe.”

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Outlining the rules for the tour in a letter last week, Emory Cole, a U.S. deputy lawyer, told lawyers they were not allowed to take guests or take photos unless authorized by the police. from the Capitol.

“Questions about the events of January 6 will not be allowed,” Cole wrote.

Some lawyers on tour have asked to see the offices of some senators. Others wanted to photograph the riot shields that still leaned against the wall in a hallway. (This request was denied.)

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“Friends, please don’t take pictures in the window,” Inspector Loyd said at one point.

Some of the group marveled at what they witnessed, calling it an experience they had never imagined. When a lawyer questioned Inspector Loyd about the violations, he explained how the rioters smashed multiple widows and multiple-winged entrances apparently simultaneously.

“Yes,” he said, “we have been overwhelmed.”

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