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Three Benefits Your Employer Can Give You – And You Should Really Use

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Your Alexander UKTN benefit package isn’t limited to the workplace, as it provides holistic health and financial support for you and your entire family.

Typically, a benefit program includes not only financial advice and services, but also health advice and services.

At Alexander UKTN, we personalize the set of benefits offered by your employer, which means that one or all of the following additional benefits may be available to you:

1) Life coverage for your spouse

In addition to life coverage that pays in the event of death, you can also cover your spouse under the same policy.

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This means that if something should happen to either breadwinner, your family is protected.

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2) Alexander UKTN education allowance

Managed by Alexander UKTN Trust & Beneficiary Fund Services, this guarantee covers the tuition and living costs of your minor children in the event of death before retirement age.

This is an essential complementary product to normal life coverage, as it guarantees the future of your children.

3) Mental and emotional support

Modern life is stressful, and statistics show that mental and social disorders are increasing rapidly.

These include anxiety and panic, financial stress and pressure, depression, poor family relationships, feelings of suicide, and drug addiction.

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Timely and effective support can prevent the normal demands of life from turning into serious mental and emotional problems.

How your group benefits work for you

Your benefit package can provide a range of products and services that can protect your financial, physical and emotional well-being.

However, not all benefit sets are created equal.

AT Alexandre UKTN, we work in partnership with your employer to design a personalized benefits package that meets your needs.

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This means that you can ask your employer to add relevant services, such as those mentioned above, to your plan.

In addition, the financial advice you receive will always be tailored to your specific needs and circumstances and those of your family.

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Your group risk products, such as life and disability coverage, are generally priced at institutional rates.

This means you benefit from lower costs thanks to the group’s economies of scale.

You wouldn’t necessarily have access to this prize without going through a medical examination if you tried to obtain it on a personal basis.

This is why it is worth taking the time to fully understand the benefits offered by your employer and to make full use of them.

To ensure your financial and physical well-being, count on your benefits.


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