Thugs ambush businessman, spray his car with bullets


Police are pursuing suspected mobsters who shot bullets at a tycoon’s car in a nighttime ambush along the busy Embu Highway on Monday, September 19.

The businessman was on his way home after doing his daily shopping when five gunmen attacked him. According to police reports, the attackers had followed him with a pickup truck.

They blocked his car and released a hail of bullets that left him with serious injuries to his neck.

The attackers, who did not steal anything, fled the crime scene, leaving the Embu businessman unconscious. His friend, who was in the passenger seat, escaped unscathed when the robbers targeted the driver’s side.

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An undated photo of police officers and detectives at a crime scene in Kenya


He was rushed to Embu Referral Hospital with a bullet lodged in his body. The famous magnate was later transferred to Nairobi for specialized treatment.

“The mobsters left without stealing anything from the trafficker, and we have launched an investigation to determine why the victim was shot,” said Julius Kyumbule, chief of Embu West Subprovincial Police.

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The incident sparked waves of panic in Embu, with traders calling on law enforcement to contain the situation. They lamented the fact that there were more crimes in the region, with criminals mainly targeting traffickers running the show.

On June 9, another businessman, Dennis Mbae, suffered a similar fate after unknown gunmen sprayed his vehicle with 16 bullets.

The businessman-cum-politician was pronounced dead after being rushed to Embu Level Five Hospital. Bystanders explained that the attackers approached the businessman up to his gate before opening fire.

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They then left without stealing anything. Police later released a statement explaining that the businessman was on their radar about several past crimes.

Police linked a series of burglaries and robberies in the city of Embu to his name. However, his family refuted the claims, noting that he was a legitimate businessman who called for prompt investigation.

A car belonging to businessman Dennis Mbae fired bullets on the night of Wednesday, June 8, 2022.

A car belonging to businessman Dennis Mbae fired bullets on the night of Wednesday, June 8, 2022.


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