Thursday night press briefing in UK: backlash from GP workload


Sajid Javid, pictured above visiting a medical center in south-east London, spent much of the day insisting his winter plan would support doctors and nurses.

But the health secretary has been accused of being “too cautious” to appear today before the annual conference of the Royal College of GPs in Liverpool. Other doctors have reacted angrily to the apparent last-minute cancellation.

Read Mr. Javid’s plan to improve GP services.

Record waiting times

The overhaul of general medicine services comes the day new figures highlight a crisis in emergency care. A record 5,000 patients waited more than 12 hours on carts in A&E last month and wait times for inpatient treatment hit a new high for the 15th consecutive month, with 5.7 million ready to go. start routine procedures. NHS England has asked hospitals to remove all more than two-year waits by March of next year. Read how the bosses in health plan to reach the goal.

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“Creating for well-being”

Telegraph Mailbags and inboxes have been teeming with complaints from readers about NHS services for many months. Some want a full return to face-to-face meetings with the GP. Others would like a hybrid model. What unites them is a widespread desire to jump through fewer hoops. See what your fellow readers are thinking – and give your opinion.

Commentary and Analysis

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