Today’s “Heardle” answer and clues for Friday, May 13


Happy Friday the 13th! Hope you find time to watch a horror movie today if you like that kind of stuff. There’s a tradition in another publication I write for regularly where Jason Voorhees is photoshopped in pictures every Friday the 13th. I won’t do that here though, only because my photo editing skills aren’t something extraordinary.

Anyway, let’s talk about it Heardle! I don’t think my opening paragraph is a clue, because I haven’t played the last game yet. Still, if you’re having trouble with today’s song, I have some clues and the answer just in front of.

First of all, if you are starting Heardle, here’s what you need to know: you get six guesses to name the song of the day. You will only hear the first second at the start. After each incorrect answer or skip, you will hear the song a bit more. For the last guess, you will hear the first 16 seconds.

Songs of the Last Days include:

Today Heardle song may not be very easy for you to get. If so, these clues may help.

  1. This is listed as a progressive pop song on Wikipedia.
  2. It came out in 1977.
  3. It reached number 35 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and number six on the UK singles chart.
  4. This track is widely featured in the opening of a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie.

Still stuck on today Heardle? Here is the answer…

Heardle’s response for May 12

Today Heardle the answer is “Mr. Blue Sky” by Electric Light Orchestra.

Another first time Heardle answer for me. It took me a while to go through the song a bit more in my head before I could remember the title, but I got there pretty quickly. It should be noted that you will need to include the period for “Mr. Blue Sky” to appear in the answer box.

Here is the full song. Embrace your inner Baby Groot and dance with you.

If you are having trouble with Saturday Heardle also, check back to my blog for some clues and the answer.



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