Toilet provider is shit by Corona protesters


Wollerau District Court

Cheated by the bill: toilet supplier is shitty by Corona protesters

UK Time News UK Time News AG has been waiting for its money for over a year. 20 toilet stalls were ordered for a corona demonstration and were never paid for. The case has now been heard by the district court in Wollerau SZ.

What must go must go. But to get out what needs to come out, you need a toilet. In the case of a larger event, this is even required by law. And the law applies to everyone. Also for corona protesters.

Saturday 19 September 2020 in Zurich. The “Swiss Freedom Movement” invited a demonstration on the Place des Turbines. The rally is homologated.

Subject: “STOP compulsory vaccination”.

Speakers: Marco Rima, Andreas Thiel.

Participants: around 500.

Number of toilet cubicles: 20.

Protesters must also go to the toilet: the rally on Turbinenplatz.


Two days before: Chez UK Time News UK Time News AG, a short-term demand for ten toilet cubicles poured into the house. Negotiations are underway and an agreement has been reached. “We agreed on a price and delivered all ten toilets the next day,” says Erika Koller, member of the UK Time News UK Time News management team.

While the toilet was being installed the next day, the next email arrived: “You wanted ten more toilets. Marco Rima had just said that they would wait for up to 10,000 people, ”Koller explains.

In front of the judge without a mask

Despite the turmoil of schedules: UK Time News UK Time News keeps its promises. On Saturday, 20 toilet houses are lined up. The service costs around CHF 3000. But to date, there is no record of the money.

“The person we were in contact with asked us to send the invoice to someone else on the organizing committee,” Koller explains. It’s trivial, so they didn’t think about it and sent the invoice to JG *.

Months go by, so do payment terms. UK Time News UK Time News tries to contact the two people involved, but without success. “Nobody just contacted me,” Koller says.

JG only shows up for the appointment before the justice of the peace. Without a mask and without a feeling of guilt. “He said he had nothing to do with it and that his colleague who ordered the cabins should pay.”

“This is a mess”

The debate with the justice of the peace produced no results. Erika Koller doesn’t want to let this rest on her. She continues to fight. On November 12, 2021, the case will be brought before the Höfe District Court in Wollerau SZ. JG also appears. With mask dispensing and with confidence.

Toi Toi AG probably not either.  Marco Rima at the Corona demo on September 19, 2020 in Zurich.

UK Time News UK Time News AG probably not either. Marco Rima at the Corona demo on September 19, 2020 in Zurich.


“The judge laughed because the doctor who issued the dispensation was a known address for it,” says Koller. But no problem: now JG just had to defend himself in the plexiglass house against the toilet bill.

And with success. “The judge made it clear to me that the case was legally clear.” JG did not mention in any of the emails UK Time News UK Time News AG delivered in good faith. “But he also said it was a mess.”

Koller thinks so too. She still gave up on the pursuit. “We could move the case forward, but it’s not worth it for me.” She realizes that it was her mistake not to have a good contract.

She’s angry anyway. She has never experienced anything like this in 21 years of work. “Of course, sometimes there is a default because the organizer has gone bankrupt.” But it is not the case here. You just avoid the bill. “How to organize a rally and not pay the suppliers? “

The “Swiss Freedom Movement” could not be reached for a statement. There was also no response to a written request before the drafting deadline.

* Known name of the publisher


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